From Galway to Donegal

After the amazing trip to Prague we were now at the airport on our way to Ireland. A short flight later we were in Dublin for a night. We slept in Barnacles which is a temple bar hostel. It was clean and had a great location, because of that location it could get pretty noisy […]

Kingsday 2016 – Meeting the royal family

The Dutch are known for their love of Orange. There is one day a year when you would think there is a rule against going outside without something orange, and that is Kingsday (formerly known as Queensday). Every year on this day the king visits a city. This city shows its best side while celebrating his birthday. […]

The magic of Disneyland Paris

Together with my mom, her boyfriend, brother and aunt I went to Disneyland, Paris in Januari 2016. Arriving monday afternoon and leaving thurstday after lunch we did everything we wanted and saw both parks. I just love the magic that surrounds the place (largly fuelled by the music playing and my nostalgia). Big tip is […]

Zookeeper for a day

On my birthday I got an awesome gift: I got to be zookeeper for a day at Apenheul. After arriving I got a special t-shirt and a zookeeper jacket. Seeing as I had been to Apenheul multiple times I made sure I had a monkey-free bag (all zippers) that I could take with me into […]

Slovenian hills and public transport

While drinking pints of Guinness two friends convinced me to come to Slovenia with them. On a Friday evening the twelve of us boarded the train in Enschede. We went through Gronau, Munster, Kohl, Frankfurt and lastly the train to Zagreb, which we exited early in Jesenice. Here some pictures from the trip from Lake bled, to Stari Fuzing to Ljubljana where […]